Cackling rly fucking hard at myself bcos I’ve been reblogging shit that was meant to go on my personal blog to here by accident whoops.

But hey if any of you know who shinee are/are interested in kpop at all that’s a bonus for you.

(I’m sorry I had no idea I need to go fix this now odea)

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Remember the fan accounts of Jonghyun being overjoyed about making Key laugh during the first night of the concerts? It just hit me, that Kibum probably needed that more than we’ll ever know. I love seeing the boys literally carrying each other emotionally through times they need support the most.

Key’s instagram update 14/10/05

To the many people who have been taking care of my team and I, hello this is Key. I don’t know how to deliver my words but.. I wasn’t able to participate in our Japan schedule on the 24th because of a personal circumstance. On the 23rd, my grandmother passed away. As she is the person who raised me up and gave me lots of love, my heart is still trying to come to terms with the fact and I don’t realise she’s no longer here. However I felt it wasn’t right to announce this beforehand through the company and leave the two big concerts SMTOWN and the 1st concert of our Japan tour so I am only saying this now. I believe my grandmother in heaven is watching the hardworking side of me and I will do my best for the remaining tours. Everyone please continue to give us lots of support and I will meet you with a smile! Thank you. 


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My deepest condolences to Kibum and all of his family. We know how close Kibum was to his grandma and I can’t even imagine how he felt when she passed away on his birthday, because she was one of the most important people in his life. I’m sure Kibum is getting support from his members, family, friends and fans. Stay strong, beautiful. RIP Grandma Kim ❤

❝ My grandmother raised me since I was born. And my mother was very sick and my father was busy working. Now that I think of it, I seem like a bad son actually. I made my grandmother really sad sometimes. The thing that made my grandmother the saddest was when I said, “Even if I didn’t tell you to raise me, why are you raising me and making yourself tired.” And after I decided to walk the road of a singer, I came up to Seoul. Even then, I wasn’t a very nice kid. When I was going to Seoul, she gave me a little note together with some allowance. It was a note saying how much she loves me. In the short time I was going to Seoul, I kept reading the same sentence over and over and I couldn’t stop my tears. ❞

Things I don’t understand:

how i’m nearing on 3k followers when i haven’t made a gifset in a year.

how so many of the gifset i have posted are all over 10,000k in notes.

how a shittonne of old gifs are still circulating and getting reblogs.

how in the hell you guys have stuck with me even though i suck at updating these days. seriously though. how many of my current followers were following me when i first started this blog? you guys give me life.

woa you're alive!! how are you doing? xx

i’m alive! yaay! i’m doing alright, thank you darling. busy with work and a poorly momma but i’m alright. ^.^

how are you? and all my other followers for that matter? i’ve missed you all~~ <3

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hey where is this from post/33973948629

it’s from a segment that was on the channel 4 news a while ago about youtube and vloggers. i’ve had a quick (and very lazy ngl) look around for the video, but the only ones i can find are recordings of tv’s. idk if any of my followers have an actual link to a decent quality video of it. they’re normally pretty awesome with stuff like that.

where's /post/33903672896 from? thanks. x

a video called ‘one direction animal impressions’ up on phil’s channel. :) x

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can i request to be you please

Yes. Yes you can. Although I’m really not sure why you would even want to be me. I’m not that great.

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