woa you're alive!! how are you doing? xx

i’m alive! yaay! i’m doing alright, thank you darling. busy with work and a poorly momma but i’m alright. ^.^

how are you? and all my other followers for that matter? i’ve missed you all~~ <3

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hey where is this from post/33973948629

it’s from a segment that was on the channel 4 news a while ago about youtube and vloggers. i’ve had a quick (and very lazy ngl) look around for the video, but the only ones i can find are recordings of tv’s. idk if any of my followers have an actual link to a decent quality video of it. they’re normally pretty awesome with stuff like that.

where's /post/33903672896 from? thanks. x

a video called ‘one direction animal impressions’ up on phil’s channel. :) x

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can i request to be you please

Yes. Yes you can. Although I’m really not sure why you would even want to be me. I’m not that great.

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So, I just gained a shit load of followers. AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY WHAT HAVE I DONE? HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING? I don’t understaaaaaaand.

But hello to all my new followers. I hope you’re enjoying my blog. (And don’t worry, I’ll start posting new things soon. Work and gigs are controlling my life at the moment ;D)

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Hi. So I found this tinyurl(.)com/bwhkyoe on your blog. Considering you have succeeded in endeavoring the first three points. Can I take you up on your offer regarding the last one? Although, I have no idea what the odds are that you managed the first three of them. Bye, have a spledid day :)

you have no idea how much i would utterly love to say yes to this offer, but my plans of moving to london and going to art college have been put on hold because my family life sucks at the moment. :(

but don’t worry. when i do eventually manage to get my life sorted, the offer will still be open for anyone who wants it ^.^

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YEEESSSSS. There you are. You are the best. I tweeted you some love but then I realised that you'll probably be like whoooo the fuck is this person I've never spoken to? And you know, 140 characters are just way too short to fit where I knew you from in. Anyway, awesome gifs! They make me happy ^^ And whereever you are, have a wonderful day. (yes, that was a quote, hoho)

HERE I AM. hello darlingg. thank you! awh, you did? what’s your twitter account? o: 
& n’awww, you sweetheart. thank you so much. i’m so, so happy and humbled that my silly little gifs make you happy. dlsjhdslkjfds. HAVE A FANTASTIC DAY YOU LOVELY PERSON YOU. <3 

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You're back! Yay ^__^ <3 Are you feeling better now? Love the new theme too! x

i am back! & yes, i’m feeling a bit better. i mostly just missed making gifs and feeling like a part of the phandom. i think i forgot how happy it made me to see people appreciate something silly that i’ve made. but yeah. thank you gorgeous! <333

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